Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sea Turtle bites make you brave.

So I'm not really MIA in the world of blogging...I'm actually just the opposite: posting like crazy to my classroom blog and writing a book. (check us out: superkiddos)

Oh, and I have a two-year-old, but hey, we're all busy.

Anyway, here's my conversation with a little guy (okay, my fave little guy) yesterday:
Bode: Are you going to read the other Harry Potters to us when we finish the first one?

Me: Well, we won't have time because school is almost out, but you can have your mom check them out for you. Plus, after the second or third one, they get kind of scary and really are pretty much for grown-ups.

Bode: Why?

Me: Well, they're kind of violent and not really appropriate for all kids.

Bode: Like really violent and scary? Because I've been bitten by a sea turtle before, so I don't get scared easy. It really hurt.