Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have chewed gum almost non-stop lately to fight my morning sickness (which, BTW, should actually be called "all-day sickness"). My kids have noticed the chewing and have asked, but apparently today it became more bothersome to them...which is how the following came about:

Little J (you know it...all good conversations start with him): Guys, that is the third piece of gum Mrs. Overman has spit out this morning!

K: I know. She chews gum now.

[more chatter and speculation about why I've been chewing gum and snacking all day]

Me: Okay, okay, would you like to know why I've been chewing gum?

All: YEAH! (they are so nibby...always wanting to know more...I'm sure they think I live in a box in the cafeteria)

Me: Okay, I'm pregnant. Do you know what that means?


Me: I haven't had the baby yet.

D: Why?

Me: Because it hasn't been born yet.

T: When will you have it? Soon?

Me: No, not until the end of the year...close to my birthday.

N: Why does it take so long to have a baby?

Me: Good question.


One of my little girls gave me a whole lot of insight into her family today.

"Mrs. Overman, you know about my stepdad? Well, he was actually just my mom's boyfriend. They broke up, though, because she was just his moneymaker. Did you know he was giving all my mom's money to his girlfriend?"

What did I say, you wonder? It was something like, "Oh, okay..."

Friday, October 17, 2008


For the record, you must know: I HATE feet. Hate them.

My friend's mom was a sub next door to me this week and she came down and said, "Hey, I don't know if I should send this kid to the nurse or not. Do you have a minute?"

I said, "Sure. Tell me."

"Well, they are changing their shoes for P.E. and he can't get his socks on because his toenails are too long."


I wanted to throw up right there. Ugh.


Somehow we ended up headfirst in a discussion about fireflies and how in the world their "butts light up."

Here's Little J's theory (who else?):

"Well, it's just like farting. They make their butt go and then it lights up. When they're done farting, the light goes off."