Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Love Note.

Little kids writing love notes crack me up.

I found one today.

It said, "BG, when I look at you, you look so handsome and cute."

Of course, we live to tattle, so someone brought it to me and said, "I think this love note is from DT!" 

"I think so too," I said. "Hey, DT! Come here, please."

DT: Yeah?

Me: We found your love note.

DT: That's not mine.

Me: Oh really? Then why does it say "From DT" on the back?

DT: Oh yeah. That's mine.

Seriously? Wow.

Marrying your babysitter.

And so went the conversation amongst a few sweet little seven-year-olds:

BG: My parents are having a date night this weekend.

MH: Oh, really? Aren't they married?

BG: Yeah. 

MH: Then why are they having a date night?

BG: I dunno. But we have to have a babysitter. She's from my mom's work at the YMCA and my four-year-old brother thinks he's gonna marry her, but I think that's gonna be a problem since she's got a boyfriend. Plus, her boyfriend is going to come over too when she babysits us. I don't think that'll go over very well.

Another girl: Ugh! Teenagers!