Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ah, finally something funny.

I love my class this year.  They rock.  But they're just not...umm...hilarious.  Usually.

Today one little guy, B, was late because he went to the dentist.  It kinda just wrenched his whole day, really.  He's a perfectionist and hates messing things up; he especially hates when I circle incorrect answers on his math papers for him to correct.

"I think you just like circling things today, Mrs. Overman!" he'll say.  "Those aren't really wrong!"

Today he missed a lot on his math facts paper, so I circled them to be corrected.  He went back to his seat and cried.  Poor kiddo.  I finally had the sense to lighten his situation with some humor, but he ended up lightening it for me instead:

Me: B, what happened to you at the dentist? Did they clean out the math part of your brain in addition to your teeth and that's why you missed all your facts? 

B: know, I did feel something tingly up toward my brain after they cleaned this tooth [points at molar].  And you know what else happened there? I got ceilings on my teeth so I don't get cavities!  Guys, did you hear me! I got ceilings!  Yeah! mean sealants.  But whatever.

Monday, November 8, 2010

SMART Board.

I have a SMART Board, a.k.a. God's greatest gift to teachers in the digital age.

A.k.a. an "interactive whiteboard."  

Just picture a giant computer screen that you use digital markers with.

Well, much to our disappointment, our SMART Board isn't interacting with us.  *sniff*

The tech people were in my room making a last-ditch effort to fix it before they called the SMART company people, and one of my boys goes, 

"You know, for being a SMART Board, it's really not so smart!"