Monday, November 8, 2010

SMART Board.

I have a SMART Board, a.k.a. God's greatest gift to teachers in the digital age.

A.k.a. an "interactive whiteboard."  

Just picture a giant computer screen that you use digital markers with.

Well, much to our disappointment, our SMART Board isn't interacting with us.  *sniff*

The tech people were in my room making a last-ditch effort to fix it before they called the SMART company people, and one of my boys goes, 

"You know, for being a SMART Board, it's really not so smart!"


Carol Horner said...

We have a lot of SMART boards that aren't being very SMART this year ...

Joel and Marcie Fenske said...

I have a link to your blog on mine... I always think your posts are humorous. I have a solution for you if you are close to Indiana... where are you located? My educational supply store that I own knows a WONDERFUL certified Smart trainer. :0).

Essy said...

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