Friday, September 17, 2010

Sometimes we wish we didn't have our own bathrooms.

Don't read this if you think bathroom stories are inappropriate--or you're opposed to the word "butt."

My colleague in first grade shared this with me today.  She has a squirrley class, to put it mildly.  She'd finally gotten them calmed down and working quietly on their math papers when one little boy asked to use the bathroom.  He went in and apparently was in there for a very, very long time.  She finally heard a little voice in there saying:

"I'm wiping my butt now!!!!"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sometimes you have to laugh or you'll just cry.

My wonderful colleague has a doozy of a class this year.  This is what she told me today:

"Oh my has been really I decided to put on some soothing music for the kids when they came in from recess.  Totally didn't work.  One kid was under his desk playing, another girl that never is quiet was screaming that he was under his desk playing, another kid was trying his darndest to dance to the soothing music...then I look back, and guess what Glue Eater's Friend is doing?  Oh yes...she is cutting up paper towels and her math paper that has yet to be completed and is glueing them to another paper.  So I asked what she was doing, and she said, 'I'm glueing because my friend Glue Eater likes to eat glue so I'm making her something to eat.'"

We had to stop our converstation because two boys were trying to kill each other before our very eyes.  Repeat after me:  "I will get through this day, I will get through this day..."

Bearded lady.

We were sharing our work from Writing Workshop today.

You know from some past posts like this one about a dead cat in a dryer that this can get really...interesting.

Here is what T said today:

"Okay, guys.  This is a map of my house.  Oh...I think I forgot to draw the other bathroom...oh well.  Okay, so here's my dad.  Here's me.  Here's my sister.  She has a moustache because I don't like her."

Of course, the other boys thought this was the most ingenious idea they'd ever heard and suddenly were begging for more work time to add moustaches to their own much-despised sisters. 

I congratulated myself on teaching drawing detail and writing how you really feel after this lesson.  I see the glass half-full, don't you think?