Thursday, April 30, 2009

Paper jam.

I know, I's been like 30 days and no post. Not gonna almost-third-graders are VERY careful about what they say. In first grade, it was all or nothing, say anything, etc.

We are SO over being "little" kids. We're smart, big kids...or so we think.

However, leave it to my wonderful Little J to break the mold and not care what others think.

We have been laboriously researching and typing our findings in the computer lab (did you know it takes an average eight-year-old approximately three hours to type a paragraph?).

Anyway, Little J finished his typing today. I promptly sent the document to the printer which promptly sent back the message "paper jam: document failed to print."

Me: "Ugh. Another paper jam!"

Little J: "Oh no! Paper jam! Who would put jam in that printer? Is there jam on my paper? How did this happen?"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh my.

Yesterday was not a great day teaching-wise. I feel like they nearly killed each other; spring break is STILL two more days away.

I hope we can make it.

But that's our own personal problem.

So one little girl, T, was quite naughty yesterday. Apparently she was even naughtier than I thought she was because I only knew about the top part of the note. Here it is in its entirety (I totally wish I still had my would love to see it):

"Dear Mrs. Overman,

I am sorry it slipt out of my mowth. Will you forgive me for a bad talk? Srcll (circle) yes or no.


I am sorry for me saing I should have my dog poop on your head. Will you forgive me? It was mean. Srcll yes or no. Sorry.

My mom is yelling"