Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh my.

Yesterday was not a great day teaching-wise. I feel like they nearly killed each other; spring break is STILL two more days away.

I hope we can make it.

But that's our own personal problem.

So one little girl, T, was quite naughty yesterday. Apparently she was even naughtier than I thought she was because I only knew about the top part of the note. Here it is in its entirety (I totally wish I still had my would love to see it):

"Dear Mrs. Overman,

I am sorry it slipt out of my mowth. Will you forgive me for a bad talk? Srcll (circle) yes or no.


I am sorry for me saing I should have my dog poop on your head. Will you forgive me? It was mean. Srcll yes or no. Sorry.

My mom is yelling"


Sarah said...

That's classic!

Brittney Kaye said...

cute! :) With a note like that I'm sure you had no problem forgiving her! haha

Gina said...

How adorable!

Anonymous said...

I would frame that. Really, I would.

laylablue said...

wow wow wow

ok, i'm slipping in a little story that is not really related to your post, but here it is:

i was a reading buddy to 2 boys at a school (far, far away)their names were capone and (shoot,i forget) anyway, yes, the name was capone...these were kindergartners, so i thought i would introduce them to Babar, that wonderful elephant...anyway,their favorite part of the story was Babar's new colored suits! i never would have guessed that they would zero in on the red, blue, and green suits that Babar purchases (with the 'old lady's' money) apparently Babar is "off da hook"