Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Love Note.

Little kids writing love notes crack me up.

I found one today.

It said, "BG, when I look at you, you look so handsome and cute."

Of course, we live to tattle, so someone brought it to me and said, "I think this love note is from DT!" 

"I think so too," I said. "Hey, DT! Come here, please."

DT: Yeah?

Me: We found your love note.

DT: That's not mine.

Me: Oh really? Then why does it say "From DT" on the back?

DT: Oh yeah. That's mine.

Seriously? Wow.


Deanna said...

So, in second grade, a little boy named Andy wrote me a "love note" with the famous "check yes or no" boxes at the end. The teacher intercepted the note and TAPED IT ON THE CLASSROOM DOOR so that everyone in the school could read it. I was mortified.... and I am STILL bitter at her for doing that!!! :( And by the way, I didn't even really like Andy!!! :)

Mrs. Pearce said...

Love little conversations! That's where some of the most precious moments come from!

I would like to recognize you with the "Stylish Blog Award." Thanks for having such an awesome blog and sharing your love of teaching!

Jan Pearce


Lisa said...

I really enjoy your blog and so...
I'm awarding you the Stylish Blogger Award!
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