Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have chewed gum almost non-stop lately to fight my morning sickness (which, BTW, should actually be called "all-day sickness"). My kids have noticed the chewing and have asked, but apparently today it became more bothersome to them...which is how the following came about:

Little J (you know it...all good conversations start with him): Guys, that is the third piece of gum Mrs. Overman has spit out this morning!

K: I know. She chews gum now.

[more chatter and speculation about why I've been chewing gum and snacking all day]

Me: Okay, okay, would you like to know why I've been chewing gum?

All: YEAH! (they are so nibby...always wanting to know more...I'm sure they think I live in a box in the cafeteria)

Me: Okay, I'm pregnant. Do you know what that means?


Me: I haven't had the baby yet.

D: Why?

Me: Because it hasn't been born yet.

T: When will you have it? Soon?

Me: No, not until the end of the year...close to my birthday.

N: Why does it take so long to have a baby?

Me: Good question.


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Reni said...

Christi, I love your blog. The stories you tell are not only hilarious, but also true to heart. I think your kids grow up and then come to my class. I have many stories like this as well. Keep them coming!!! Also, congrats on the new editition!

Sarah Amick said...

Woo Hoo!!!! It gets better, the nausea, one day you wake up and you think? I haven't been nauseous today...
Then the other fun stuff happens, like swelling, and backaches, inability to sleep because your so uncomfortable. I swear, it really gets you ready for the big day!
But, wearing your heart on the outside is worth it all!!!!!

Shubitz said...

This is wonderful news Christin. When is Little Overman making an appearance in the world?