Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm back.

As good teacher-mothers do, I put some absolutely adorable pictures of my son up on my bulletin board behind my desk.

Here is the conversation that resulted from that with a little girl named J:

J: Mrs. Overman, my cousin looked like me when I was a baby and my other cousin looked like your son.

Me: Oh...what?

J: My cousin...she looked like your son when she was a baby. You know...chunky.


laylablue said...

deelightful! at our school you have to be careful who you comment on if they look "alike" we have some "unknown" siblings, if you know what i mean.
glad to see you back in blogland :)

katie holt said...

SO SO happy you're back and blogging! how's school going??

Mike Rush said...


Yeah, you know, those baby things, they'll eat up your time. Me? I've spent all day with my 2 year old granddaughter while her mom and dad struggle at the hospital to bring a second one into the world.

Love that chunky baby! Chunky babies unite! And thanks for not slapping the kid who said that.


Anonymous said...