Thursday, February 25, 2010


Don't get me started on girlfriends in second grade because I just won't have it.

Anyway, we are doing strategies for "attacking" nonfiction...we made our plan for "attacking" the origami directions...the kids had to follow directions independently for making origami (whew...)...and hey, presto!...they did it!

Okay, I would be lying to say they all did it.

Most of them got it.

Then there were the few (aren't there always a few?) who were like, "But I don't know how! What do I do now?!?!"

To which my reply was, "What are you going to do someday when you can't figure out how to put your new TV stand together?  I won't be around to help you then.  What do you think would help you figure this out?"

To which he smartly replied, "Well, by then I'll have a girlfriend and she can help me."

Fine, you win.

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