Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lunch conversations are always the best.

Remember I eat lunch with my kids? I almost always get more information than I need there.

So yesterday a little girl said to me, "Mrs. Overman, my mom has a new boyfriend. He is WAAAY handsomer than the old one. And he doesn't drink beer either really. AND my dad has a new girlfriend. She's trying to quit smoking but she ran out of gum. I think the dog ate it. And the gum didn't work."

Well, this way I'll have things to talk about at conferences.

BTW--if you're a parent, I am SO just kidding.



Jpm said...

We have to eat with our students as well. I teach kindergarten at a child care center.This year the converstations aren't that bad but we haven't been in school that long. However in years past they discussed whether or not God and Jesus were the same person, what restraining orders meant ah yes and casinos you know something like this
Student A to Student B" My dad used to take me to the casino allthe time until the judge said NO"
Student B" Whats a casino?"
And it always seems to happen so fast, starts off so innocently and then all of sudden WHAM someone is discussing something so inappropriate right before your very eyes.

Snippety Gibbet said...

I just know that parents would be OH SO APPALLED if they knew what their kids were sharing in school. Hehehehe.