Thursday, February 14, 2008

Missing the Movie

Today my Little J told me a story he wrote to share for Writing Workshop. I've gotten wiser about allowing kids to share their stories since the time one of my kids wrote and shared about her cat dying in the dryer and how "his ears were melted in there." No longer do we share unsolicited stories that slip under the teacher's radar.

Back to Little J.

I said,

"Okay, J, tell me your story you'd like to share please."

J: "We went to the movie but my dad and brother missed the part where Sandman fell apart because my brother was puking in the popcorn tub."

I was, to J's disgust, cracking up.

J: "Hey! THAT IS NOT FUNNY! He was choking on a popcorn!"

I was laughing hysterically, J was mortally offended...then I had to explain how I wasn't laughing at his poor choking brother, not to worry, your teacher still cares very much about your family....Tomorrow I'll probably check on him and make sure he's not totally traumatized...right before I run a copy of that story for my refrigerator.

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Susan said...

That's a GREAT story! I hope he wrote it. It sounds like he has such voice!!

:-) Susan