Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Little J...my little darling...never a dull moment with this kiddo.

This kid is nothing short of OBSESSED with velcro. He doesn't care where it is, what it looks like--he LOVES the stuff.

He spends lots of time strapping and unstrapping his velcro shoes and even sometimes chewing on the straps--because he LOVES velcro.

Let me tell you, in my room, I use velcro for lots of stuff. I have a couple of charts and a calendar that have velcro on them that the kids use every day.

The other day I was kinda irritated that my sweet Little J wouldn't stop strapping and unstrapping his velcro shoes--until I caught him LICKING the velcro on the calendar and the charts.


So I thought, okay, I don't want to make him feel badly...I got in my supply closet, cut a couple of strips for him, and stuck them on his nametag on his own desk.

You would've thought I gave this kid a brand new stuffed toy: the velcro went EVERYWHERE with Little J. One of the paraprofessionals that work in my room said she had to make him put it down because he wouldn't work on his math!

Within the next day or so, Little J's personal velcro went missing.

The world stopped and held its breath--then--the velcro reappeared under his shirt.

Thank goodness.

Then I heard him say, "Boy, Mrs. Overman, I think I'm in love with velcro."

I wish you all could meet this kid.

I love it.

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mama2dibs said...

I visited your site via Deanna. I just wanted you to know that I LOVE your stories. I miss teaching SO much. I miss the cute little kids and did I mention that I'm scared spitless to teach my own child? At least if I fail at teaching other people's children, it ain't my problem. :)