Thursday, January 31, 2008

What Smart Kids Do.

Today was the 100th day of school, which in elementary school translates to a big, exciting day for celebration. You know, 100= wondrous one, zero the hero, and zero junior.

So we did lots of fun stuff...but I'll get to the meat here.

We made a list of 100 things smart kids know. Here are some of the things on our list (best list ever, BTW):

-Eat your veggies.
-Don't jump off of high places.
-Don't swat at bumblebees.
-Your first guess is probably right.
-Don't jump in if you can't swim.
-Be careful with your roasted marshmallow if it's on fire.

Then one of my little sweeties says, "Mrs. Overman, I have a REALLY good one: Smart kids don't go out in the public naked."

We had to have a talk about why we couldn't write that one down, no matter how true it was or how much people really need to know it.

But thanks anyway, darling.

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