Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Day Off

I have a little friend in my room that's exceptionally bright and has really great parents. They don't often let him watch TV or play electronic games--he usually reads or plays board games with his family. His dad works two jobs so his mom can stay at home with them, and sometimes his parents are both home when we're not at school because Dad is sleeping and Mom is, as usual, at home with the kids.

During sharing time Friday, I said, "Please share with us what you did on your day off yesterday."

N says,

"Well, my mom and dad said I could play on the computer for a little while today. Actually, I got to play for a long time!"

Me: "Well, that's unusual for you! What were they doing while you got to play?"

N: "They were in their bedroom. They shut the door, and I think they were playing a game or something because they were in there a long time. Probably Scrabble."

Probably not.


Susan said...

That's funny...do you know this family well enough to share the story? It's really a good one!

:-) Susan

Krista said...

That scrabble...it does require lots of concentration!

Your stories are so cute and just make me smile everyday. What a great journal...when I taught I always wished I had written down the amazing things they said.

Thanks for sharing...and making me smile...Blessings!

Kim said...

I so appreciate that you obviously love your kiddos and your job.

I once had a 5th grade student tell me that she might soon have a brother or sister because she overheard her mom telling someone on the phone that Mom & Dad "did their job last night".

Too funny!

Deanna said...

Oh Christi, how I love your blog!!! I needed a smile today, and you truly gave me one!!!

Bless you, my friend!!! :)

Jess said...

That is absolutely hilarious and makes me miss teaching so badly.

I'm Deanna's friend, by the way, and found this thanks to her.

Thanks for a great chuckle!

Jessica Sheets