Sunday, April 13, 2008


Today our pastor repeatedly made a point by using the same phrase/question a few times:

"Does anyone else see the problem with this logic?" (The rhetorical answer: yes, this logic in particular was a big problem).

He had made four of his five points this morning with probably 1000 people in attendance in this service. Everyone was waiting, listening intently, and he said again something along the lines of "Does anyone else see the problem in this logic?"

and then a teeny toddler voice broke the stillness:


Denny said the only thing he could really say:

"Now I know why we have a nursery."


Deanna said...

That is VERY funny.... I can actually picture the whole scenario in my mind.... :)

Cathy said...

I heard about it...I was downstairs teaching. I laughed so hard. What a great and quick comeback too!!! At least the little child was listening...wonder what the parents thought?