Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pregnant Mommy

I heard this story today...thought I'd pass it along to you all.

Someone said recently a little girl (probably less than four years old, she guessed) came into her shop with her pregnant mommy. Amanda talked with the little girl about her mom's growing tummy and the little girl responded, "Yeah, I really hope it's a puppy."


Julia said...

I love your stories... I'm currently student teaching in a first grade, so they ring so true to me!
This reminds me of a preschool story- One day we were playing with some balloons, and several little girls put their balloons under their shirts and pretended they were going to have a baby. There was one little boy, whose mom happened to be quite pregnant at the time, who played along with the girls. I approached him and said "Kyle, are you having a baby too?" and he looks at me and says "No, I'm having a skunk."
I guess that explains how he was feeling about becoming a big brother!

Deanna said...

SO fun! I have a friend who has a 5-year old who would swear that she was pregnant with a puppy and NOT a baby brother.