Monday, June 16, 2008

Are you there?

Well, if you're here with me, yay! I know I said I wouldn't be back until fall, but something funny happened and I'd like to remember it here.

This story was told at a family gathering this past weekend.

When my cousin Jennifer was little she had an imaginary friend. Said friend went everywhere with her...and went with my aunt and uncle as well since she, of course, was always with them. Apparently they left Imaginary Friend at a rest stop one day.



Like this:

They stopped at the rest stop, did their thing, got back in the van, started to pull away...then Jennifer screamed, cried, and demanded they go back because--

Imaginary Friend was still on the bench at the rest stop.

I'm not a parent, and when I am someday I'm sure I'll change my tune, but I wouldn't have gone back. No thanks, we will get over this by driving and doing something else.

My uncle, being the wonderful guy he is, pulled over, opened the door, and made SURE Imaginary Friend was back in the car again. His comment:

"People watching were probably like, 'What an idiot. This guy's opening and closing the door for nothing.'"


Deanna said...

So funny.... going along with that theme, Scott had an imaginary friend when he was little. One time, Scott was riding on the back of a motorcycle with his dad (what?! A 5-year old on a motorcycle?! Anyway....) and Scott started SCREAMING because "James" fell off the back.... yep, the story goes that they turned around and went back to pick him up.

Sarah said...

That's so funny!!!

Deanna said...

Can't wait to welcome you back to the blogging world again.... :)

Biszeemom said...

It is amazing the things we do that we swore we would never do before we had kids. I know just how your uncle felt. We had an imaginary friend in our house for a very long time.

thanks for sharing the story