Friday, May 30, 2008


Hi all! I'm taking a blogging break because, let's face it, I rarely catch stories in the summer since my own "children" are four-legged, chase bunnies, and bark. We'll catch up in the fall.

And FYI, you'll hopefully read more about the same characters since I get to keep my class next year (mostly). Yay!


Deanna said...

OH NO! Say it isn't so!!! I love your blog and will miss it/you over the summer!!! Glad to hear that you're "looping" though.... can't wait to hear more "J" stories!!! I've never met him.... but I think I love him!!! :)

Simons Family said...

You have kept me laughing this year... I am ALSO looking forward to a restful summer (ahhhh...). Thanks for the giggles.
Mrs. Simons

Sarah said...

Lucky you! 3.5 days lefy here - not that I'm counting or anything! Enjoy your summer!