Friday, May 23, 2008


Little J often kinda "hooks" into one thing each day. Some days it's Velcro. Some days it's lamps.

Today it is a plastic googly eyeball.

You know the kind--you buy them to make eyes for creatures you make.

That eyeball has been EVERYWHERE today.

In fact, he can't be without it. So you can image the trauma when it got lost this morning:

[running around room, screaming] "I LOST MY EYEBALL! I LOST MY EYEBALL! PLEASE, I CAN'T FIND MY EYEBALL!"

Fortunately for us all, we found it.


The kids are outside right now and the eyeball is on the sink.

Maybe I'll just throw it away and be done with it...but I have this feeling that if I do, I'll be dumpster diving by 2:00.

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debrennersmith said...

Can you imagine the parent walking by wondering about the comment? "I lost my eyeball?" Sometimes as we hear random comments from kids I wonder, what do they think I do in here? I almost spit diet coke at the screen as I read your story. I love your voice!