Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Barnyard Animals

I have a little one who lives on a farm and recently got some baby chicks. M, we'll call her. Other names have been changed.

So M updates us on her new chicks a lot. Today was no different...well, that's not really true:

"Well, guys, you know my baby chicks? They're named after some of our kids in here--Chelsea, Holly, and Nikki. Sorry to say this, Chelsea, but the one named after you died last night."

Thanks for sharing....Meanwhile, I'm thinking up new rules for sharing time:
1. No sharing about death.
2. No sharing about body parts or functions of those parts.
3. No theorizing about what your parents do when you can't seem to get their bedroom door open. Just go play, okay?

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Marcie said...

I so enjoy your blog. I am adding a link to your blog on mine. ( I co-own a teacher's store and have a blog for teachers in particular. I enjoy your lighthearted approach and know our teachers will as well. Seems like you really enjoy your students.