Friday, May 9, 2008


Check out the OTHER conversation that happened at my back table today.

Same kids.

Little J: Mrs. Overman, I've been wondering since kindergarten: how did all this stuff get made?

Me: What stuff?

J: You know, STUFF! STUFF! All the stuff everywhere in here. EVERYTHING!

Me: Like...paper? Pictures? Books?


[somebody help me...]

Me: the world? Like outside?

J: YES. Yes, like everything outside. How did God make all that? Where did he get the stuff to make all the stuff?

[we wish we knew!]

A: You can pray and ask Him and He'll tell you.

J: Oh my gosh! WHAT?!?! Oh my!

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Dina said...

I love the God conversations with young minds. We happened upon a similar question this year in Science, talking about cells. It was a riot because the kids couldn't wrap their heads around where the first set of chromosomes came from. My Christopher chimes in, "Adam and Eve! Duh!" Oh, out of the mouth of babes....