Thursday, March 29, 2007


I love my job.

So today a couple of my first graders were deep in conversation. We'll call them F and S since I can't use their whole names.

F: "You know, I know all my languages."

S: "What do you mean?"

F: "Like German; I can speak German, French, Spanish, and Amish like how your grandma is Amish."

By this point I was thinking, S is way too smart to continue in this conversation because her family descends from the Amish, so she knows there's no official Amish language.


S: "Okay, so speak something in Amish."

F: "Okay. Buggies, horses, barns."

But this isn't the end of this great story!

S comes to me to tattle that "F says he knows how to speak Amish, but really doesn't. I know how to speak it because of my grandma."

It was all I could do to not crack eyes were practically brimming with tears from the pressure.

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