Sunday, March 4, 2007

Why I didn't want to blog

When blogging first was popular, my husband was all about it. "Why don't you blog? I love it!"


My argument: "Nobody wants to read anything I'd have to write."

Then I found myself reading some important blogs of wonderful friends/colleagues. One night I asked myself, Why do I read blogs every night?

I finally figured it out: each blogger has a perspective that I need every day. Deanna's blog is great; she has awesome perspectives on being a wife and mom (things to think about). Katie's blog is hilarious; I read her blog just to get a kick out of her writing. Cathy's blog is special because I am able to connect with a fellow teacher.

So I was thinking, what do I have to offer that someone might need? And it hit me: I've journaled for years the funny things kids have said to me. On my roughest teaching days, I go back and reread my entries, get a good chuckle, and go to school the next day happy. Maybe somebody else could use that.

So here's to you, whether you're a fellow educator or not: enjoy the sweet humor you might be missing. It's all good, clean fun. Thanks for reading...more to come!

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