Thursday, September 13, 2007


In case you haven't been reading my blog a lot lately, I'll fill you in on my student J.

Top three things to know about J:

1. He's a little...uhhh...out there. Not really with the group most of the time, although very intelligent.
2. He has lots--LOTS--of theories, most of which are from his dad.
3. Those theories often are not only inaccurate, out there, and somewhat based in a very mixed-up truth, they are HILARIOUS.

In sum, J lives in his own bubble. Don't try to pop in, and please, please don't try to pop him out of it.

This kid is just a riot.

Today he didn't say ANYTHING to me the entire day until lunch. He looks right at me and says,

"Did you know that worms are pepperoni? That's what my dad said. But the pepperoni is a little bigger when the worms get more stuff in them."

I think my exact words again were, "What?!?"


Jen Barney said...

Maybe your J and my stapeler girl should become friends!!!

Ruth said...

love this post -- you're right, there should be no bubble popping . . . love him just the way he is. :)