Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cities and Snacks

I have two good ones to share with you today.

Story One: Cities in a Line

One of my little girls almost always comes in to our room in the morning and says, "There is a boy on my bus who loves me."

I always say, "Well, you're not old enough for that, so please go move your lunch tag so I can tell the office what you'll be having for lunch today."

Friday morning she came in and said, "There is a boy on my bus who is in fifth grade who knows all his cities...IN A LINE!"

I immediately thought, okay, quick--connect fifth grade + cities + line..."Oh, he can say all his capital cities in order!"

"Yes," she said. "I really wish I could say my cities in a line."


Story Two: Snack

I had a sub Friday afternoon. We were talking about how silly kids are whether or not they're trying to be and she said that she subbed Thursday for another first grade room and this is what happened:

"One of the kids in this class said to me, 'I'm hungry! We need our snack.'"

She told him he'd have to write one sentence first and then he could have his snack. She walked around the room and finally make it back to him and he had written his sentence that read:



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