Tuesday, October 2, 2007

King Tattletale

I had an anonymous commenter last night mention that I was mean for calling kids quirky.

If you read my blog regularly, you know I love my kids. Love them.

When I use the word quirky, this means they have some funny things they do. In my world, it's all good clean fun.

I am rewriting the last post to say the same thing, so now if there was a question in your mind about me using the word "quirky," you'll know I don't mean it in a negative way as some people in your life might.

I have lots of kids in my class this year who are quirky. They're so funny...they all have these little idiosyncrasies about them and silly things they do that make them tick...and almost ALL of them are that way. It's so funny...but makes for a hard day sometimes if all their little idiosyncrasies mix too much in one day.

I have nicknames for some of my kids so when I tell their stories at night my husband knows who they are without me having to say things like, "Remember the kid who...?".

This little guy's nickname is King Tattletale.

He is so adorable; bright blue eyes, blonde hair, darling personality...but he feels the need to tattle on anything and anyone.

Unfortunately, lately most of my conversations with him have started, "Honey, are you here to tattle? Because I just can't hear anymore tattling today. My ears are broken." And he goes away.

But it's getting better.

Lots of times he'll report things/kids that are bothering him: "Mrs. Overman, B is poking me!"

Or sometimes, he'll report things just for the heck of it, whether he's involved or not: "Mrs. Overman, M and B are arguing!"

Okay, thank you.

The other day he said, "Mrs. Overman, B is READING THE WORD WALL!"

He was crazy-upset.

I just wanted to say,

"Oh my dear heavens, what are we going to do?!?!"

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