Monday, October 8, 2007

All In a Day's Work

I just want to give you a little picture of my kids this year.

If you don't teach, you probably won't find this quite as funny as my colleagues...but let's see, shall we?

This is why I love my job: it's never, ever boring.

Picture the end of the day. Our writing coach, Ruth, was in my room for a lesson that we ended up tag-teaming and doing quite nicely with, if we do say so ourselves. It was a lesson on organizing writing folders and was a little messy--asking seven-year-olds to organize ANYTHING is quite a chore.

My kids are shot. It's 2:55 and they're cooked, done, al dente. We had already done our end-of-the-day rituals and they had their little backpacks on, ready for the buses. As Ruth and I stood laughing, we knew just by watching them stand in line how tired they were:

1. One kid was spinning. Literally spinning--like a top. Probably faster.

2. One kid asked, "Where are we going?" Umm, put it together here, kiddo...backpack's on, kids are lined up...

3. My little J who is in his own bubble (love this kid!) is "making farting sounds" to the annoyance of those around him--a favorite pastime of his, most annoying and noticeable when others are tired.

4. And of course, most of our days end with, "I don't remember if my mom's coming!" "I forget where I get picked up!" "I'm supposed to ride the bus with..."

And Abracadabra!

It's the end of the day.

Why would I ever work in an office?

You can't make this stuff up.

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Sarah Amick said...

Oh, Cathy, I am so glad that it is not just me. The spinning, I always get the spinners. You know the ones that spin all day. The farting noise, and then the clueless ones. You know those, their just clueless. Really, we've been in school now for how long? You don't know that? My favorite is that sometimes parents don't send notes when they have a change in transportation. They get mad when I don't take their kid's word for it. I want to scream, are you for real? These kids hardly know when they have to pee let alone remember if they are car riders or bus riders!!!!!!