Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I have a little one who, for multiple reasons, is very immature. I don't mean this in a bad way; this cutie is fun, social, and most importantly, very bright.

We'll call her M.

M is always looking for loopholes in the system...I promise she's constantly thinking, I know this rule is for everyone else, but I'm really cute...I can probably get away with it.

High intelligence + cuteness = ornery.

Love this kid.

On another note, I have the kind of kids this year who need very specific rules...more rules than any of my other classes. We have goofy rules, in my opinion, but these kids need them, such as:

1. Once you sit there, stay.
2. Only two pencils in your desk.
3. Use only one paper towel after you wash your hands.

M doesn't like rule number three. Many days I have to say, "M, only one paper towel, please." And pretty much every day, there she is with multiple paper towels.

It's really not a huge deal--unless you're Little J.

Today was no different. M tried using multiple paper towels again, but today, no one really noticed thanks to a mini-crisis that was happening during her paper-towel fiesta. The crisis ended, life resumed, and M sat back down. Pretty soon, M's hand went up and she said, "Mrs. Overman, A used two paper towels."

Usually I don't entertain tattling, but since M was bothered by someone using too many paper towels, I said, "A, please use only one paper towel next time," thinking that M finally got the point.

No sooner had M's tattle left her mouth did Little J shout,


Personal Mini-Lesson for M: Always ask yourself if you have done something wrong before tattling on someone.

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