Friday, November 2, 2007

Life by the Lakes

I live in an area loaded with lakes. I'm not from the "Lakes" area originally, so there are subtle cultural differences between where I grew up and here...although I remember coming up for weekends periodically...anyway...

Like I said, there are a few subtle cultural differences I've learned since living here, like:

1. The kids live around the lakes. It's not unusual to them that there are "Fireboats" and dry fire hydrants.

2. The use of watersports equipment and the fact that their teacher can drive watercraft isn't cool or foreign to them at all.

3. Words like wakeboard, kneeboard, waterskis, wake, etc. are a part of their normal vocabulary.

Today we made turkeys. I gave the kids a turkey body and a page of feathers. I explained the general idea of how to put these birds together and left them to their own designs.

You remember my little J? Totally out there...hilarious! We'd been coloring/cutting for awhile and he brought his page of feathers to me, saying:

"Um, Mrs. Overman? Here's my turkey."

Me: "Honey, you're not done yet."

J: "Okay, but what are these things for?" [Holds up feathers]

Me: "Those are your feathers for the turkey."

J: "Oh. I thought those were like the things you slide on the lake water with."

Me: "You're so funny!"

J: "Okay. I'm going to go finish my chicken."

Okay, kiddo, finish the turkey...with the wakeboard feathers.

Man, this kid cracks me up.

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