Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Sometimes I catch snippets of conversations from my kids.

I'm not sure what I've missed...I can only speculate.

Today I caught some hilarious snippets. I have this feeling they're kind of all connected:

T: "B, you HAVE no alibi."

(Bear in mind, she's SIX. And "alibi" is NOT a Word Wall word!)

B: "Guys, I eat paper all the time. Look!" [munches on a paperwad]

T: "Hmmm. I might try that." [finds her own paperwad, starts chewing like a bunny on lettuce]


And what did I do, you ask?



Tricia said...

Do your kid's families read your blog? Do they ever know who you are talking about? Or do you just keep this side of life to yourself? Love your stories. :) Kari

Christi Overman said...

No, they don't read it. I have one parent from one little girl last year who does, though, and she used to tell her mom who the stories were about! So I'm keeping it quiet this year.