Thursday, November 29, 2007

How old am I again?

By now you can probably guess who this story's about.

No background info necessary at this time. Here it is:

J's birthday is tomorrow. So during a meeting time this morning he says, "Hey guys, my birthday's tomorrow!"

Of course, as is typical, the kids ask, "How old will you be?"

Here I interject, "Fifty, right, J?"

J: "No, no, I'll be sixteen!"

I'm thinking he is just kidding--until I turn around...he's totally serious.

Me: "J, honey, you're not going to be sixteen."

J: "Oh yeah, that's right, I'll be six!"

Me: "'ll be seven."

Okay...time for a practical life lesson...How To Know How Old You Are.

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Courtney said...

my baby turned six how time flies.