Tuesday, December 4, 2007


This is just horrible to say, but I really hate loose teeth. I have no idea why, but they really gross me out. And as we all know, first graders just come with loose teeth.



We went on a field trip to a play this morning...quite a fancy play, if you will...a couple of my kiddos were dressed up in little sweaters, etc. Cute.

Apparently during the play one of my kids pulled out one of his loose teeth. Of course, as all kids are when a loose tooth is freed, he was elated. In fact, he was so happy, he gave his lost tooth to his cousin to show off to everyone she could find...including me.


So then my little ones and I got into a discussion about teeth. A couple of comments followed, including, but not limited to:

"I've lost four teeth."

"I haven't lost any, but I have one that wiggles!"

"Mrs. Overman, the tooth fairy turns your teeth into money. You should like loose teeth!"


And my favorite comment from a little guy missing all FOUR front teeth:

"Man, I just really hope my teeth grow in for Christmas."

This kid must have special plans to bite some stuff this holiday season...

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Sara said...

Alexis and I are going to see Cinderella Saturday night.
She is sooooo excited