Friday, December 21, 2007

Bat Ears

I apologize to you all, my blog readers, for not publishing anything lately. Lots to do right now!

Perhaps this story will make up for it.

Today was our class Christmas party. You know when you were a kid and you used to catch bugs in a jar and then shake them up to get them all frazzled?

I swear, somebody shook my classroom today.



So we were playing a game where I had to whisper clues to a kid that was off to the side of the rest of the class. I whispered so quietly that it was impossible for anyone to hear me. When I came back to join the rest of the class, one of my boys said, "We couldn't hear anything you said!"

I said, "Yeah, I know...that was the point!"

Then another little guys said, "Yeah, but I betcha my mom could hear you even though she's at home. My dad says she has ears like a bat."


I can picture my next phone call home: "Hi, Mrs. M. I hear you have ears like a bat."

Don't you wonder what your students tell their parents about YOU?

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