Friday, May 4, 2007

Cavity Worms

I haven't written anything in a little while...not good! School has been a bit busy and has kept me from blogging, but here's a good one for you all today.

One of my sweet little first graders has had a cavity in a tooth for quite awhile now...they're working on it, but you know how hard that can be sometimes.

Anyway, today she said, "You know, I finally figured out where my cavity is from."

Of course I wanted to hear her theory because this particular little girl has lots of funny theories for things she can't really explain.

So I replied, "And where was that?"

"Well," she wisely stated, "There are cavity worms in Fruit Loops. The last time I ate them my tooth hurt a LOT and it's because of the cavity worms getting in my tooth and eating it away."

I admire her confidence. :o)


Bethel of Bethania said...

G'day Christi,
I just randomly picked your site today when I went to look at my girlfriends site. Your heading must of attracted me [ need I say I'm a chocolate lover ... ha ha] and I've had a wee read and just love your style of writing and your littlies that you teach.
Keep doing such a great job and enjoying your teaching journey -we can learn so much from them ...
BTW I would love to learn how to make Dirt Pudding Birthday Cake I'm sure it would be a winner here in Australia... OOroo ... Bethel of Bethania

Christi O. said...

Thanks! I loved reading your post.

Dirt Pudding is really simple but can be as complicated as you want to make it. My aunt makes it my favorite way:

Make some chocolate pudding and mix some gummy worms (candy) in for effect. They'll be hidden until you eat the pudding and bite into a worm! AAUUGGGHHH!!

Get a clean flower pot and fill it with the chocolate pudding and worm mixture (but leave about 2 inches on the top for cookies). Crumble chocolate sandwich cookies (like Oreos) on top to look like dirt.

You can put more gummy worms on top or decorate it with silk flowers to make it look more like dirt. That's the great can be as creative as you want.

You can also make them in individual cups like the ones we had in my classroom. Each one had worms, pudding, dirt cookies, and a flower.

Have fun and thanks so much for reading!


katie holt said...

okay let me start by saying that i miss you so much.

and i totally agree with this girl. i've had fruit roll ups, you don't want to see the amount of cavities i have. it's a sad situation. cavity worms. i should have known!

love you christi!


Deanna said...

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Have a great day!