Monday, May 7, 2007

Tag...I'm it!

My friend Deanna (you can check out her's on the side of my blog) virtually "tagged" me today. Here are the rules:

Someone "tags" you by posting a quick note on your blog that you've been tagged, then you have to post seven things/habits about yourself and then tag seven more people...I don't know if I know seven bloggers to tag, but I'll try! Most of my fellow 'net friends are on MySpace or Facebook, but we'll see!

Okay, seven habits/things lots of people don't really know...

oh boy...

1. I grew up in Muncie, Indiana, and my family lives within a five-mile radius, so you can imagine how far away I feel here in Warsaw (aaauuuggghhh, two hours!).

2. I am still best friends with some very interesting sisters: Lacee, who's hearing impaired (known for 12 years...she keeps me fluent in sign language); Dawn, fellow exercise nut (known for 16 years); and Tasha, the best graphic designer ever (known for 19 years...right, Tash?).

3. I'm a clean freak.

4. I eat something chocolate every day, even if it's the fat-free kind...BOO!

5. I'm a dog lover! I have two golden/lab retrievers, Sophie and Riley. They're our very hairy kids.

6. Someone told my husband I wanted to marry him just two weeks after we met (how humiliating!) and that's how we got together. Guess he wasn't too scared, huh?

7. I love going to the dentist! On the opposite side of the coin, I hate going to the doctor SO MUCH that I can't even stand to be around my own brother-in-law (a doctor) when I'm kind of sick.

Okay, that's seven! I think I only know two people to tag and I'm sorry, but I'm not yet a good enough blogger to figure out how to attach their blog addresses to their names:


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Deanna said...

Yea! Thanks for participating, Christi! It was fun to read your facts!