Monday, May 14, 2007

This Is Not the One I REALLY Wanted To Post Today

The story I really want to post today I told to one of my colleagues and she wisely said (as she always does), "That might not be a good one for your blog, although it is REALLY funny!"

So if you teach with me and you need a good laugh, come to room 103 and I'll tell you a story.

Here's my second-place story; definitely worth posting, but not the one I REALLY wanted to post.

At our school, our kids work through individual math programs that are supported through software that allows them to work on their own levels. The things you need to pull from this are twofold:

1) The software is PACKED with cartoons and sketches, not real pictures.

2) Once my kids complete all of their first grade software, they move into second grade software, which is also cartoon drawings as opposed to photographs.

I checked in with one of my kids today while he worked in the second grade software program and said, "How are you doing?"

He said, "Well, I just don't understand why the pictures in this second grade part are fake."

I was seriously stumped, so I had to say, "What???"

He elaborated: "You know, these pictures are FAKE. They're cartoons, not real stuff. I thought everything in second grade would be real because second graders don't like cartoons."

I continue in this deep conversation, "Why do you think that?"

His answer: "They just don't! They're older, so they only like to look at REAL pictures."

Wow, this kid's going to be in for a real shock next year when he finds out he won't be getting his driver's license or anything either! Hmmm, maybe second graders aren't so grown up after all!

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