Thursday, May 31, 2007

Last Breath

Oh, blog readers, I'm sorry...I've done a yucky job of posting every day. School is busier at the end (as we all know) and that makes it more difficult.

However, here's a story for you today. I have this little girl in my room who has theories on EVERYTHING. We'll call her "Kid 1" and the other student "Kid 2." Here's the conversation that happened yesterday that (I think) kind of took her by surprise:

Kid 1: My mom is gone until tomorrow because my grandpa took his last breath today.

Kid 2: Oh no! Did he die?

Kid 1: I don't really know.

This was just funny to me because I don't think she was expecting anyone to ask her what that meant therefore she didn't bother to find out and when Kid 2 asked, it threw her! So cute.

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