Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Egg Drop

We do lots of hands-on science projects in first-grade. Today we finished up our Egg Drop project: the kids had to design a parachute to keep their raw egg from breaking when dropped from 10 or 15 feet. They're so good; they've learned not to ask, "But how do I do that?" or pout when something's just not working. I'm very proud of them!

So anyway, today was the big Drop. We went out in the sunshine, got our eggs all ready (you would have thought they were babies or something!), and began dropping them. When someone's egg "survived" the drop, we cheered and clapped because, well, it's so exciting!

The funny part came when one of my little guys noticed some eggs were breaking. He covered his heart, bowed his head, and said, "He was a good egg."

That was funny enough, but then another kid saw him doing this and saluted the eggs that cracked! It was like a military funeral.

How hilarious!


Alexis'mom said...

Christi, I can just image this grou of kids giving these eggs a "fine farewell"

Christi O. said...

Oh yeah! They are so funny. Alexis' parachute worked very well!!! She did awesome.