Thursday, August 23, 2007

Austin, Texas

One of my first graders was busy working on a floor puzzle of the United States this afternoon. At first he came up to me holding the state of Indiana and initially I was pretty impressed that he recognized our state. Then he said,

"My grandma lives here."

To which I reply,

"That's wonderful! You live here in Indiana too!"

*Blank stare.*


"I live here too?"

I say, "Yes, we all live here. Our school is here too."

*Another blank stare.*

Then he says, "You live here too?"

Okay, I give up on this one. There's no explaining and it's just too early in the year to be doing something as abstract as maps when you're six.

A few minutes later this same kid comes up to me holding the state of Texas, which in this particular puzzle has its capital, Austin, marked with a star. He says,

"I SEE! THIS STAR IS WHERE AUSTIN LIVES! You know, our friend Austin!"

So apparently I need to teach map skills sooner than I planned.

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