Thursday, August 16, 2007


I hammer procedures into my students' heads from day one each year. This year is no different...we're plugging along still and doing well, I might add!

Being in first grade, we work really hard to be quiet in lots of places. I coach the kids often:

"Remember, no voices. No talking. Whispering only. Quiet voices only."

Apparently this really bothers one of my kids, because each time we are all quiet and I say something aloud, he says, "SHHHHH!"

At first I thought, is he really shushing me?

I didn't say anything yesterday about it because I figured by today he'd get over it.


Today in the hall everyone is quiet. We're really showing our knowledge of hallway procedures, working can hear a pin drop. Trying to be encouraging, I say, "Nice job being quiet. I really appreciate it."

This student who is so bothered by my talking is apparently pushed over the edge at this point and says,


Alright already, I give in.

Geez. ;o)

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Jen Barney said...

Hi! I am so excited to start reading your blog again! It always made my evening during the school year! Hope your first couple of days went well!