Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I try to dodge all conversations with children about where babies come from at all costs.

This conversation couldn't be stopped.

Actually, it wasn't really a conversation; more of a kid just talking with himself and I happened to be within earshot.

The child says in my general direction:

"Mrs. Overman, have you ever had a baby? Because I don't really know how they get in your stomach. My mom has a big cut or scar or something from having to get my sister out, but no one really remembers because we didn't really have any pictures of it. And you know what? I know I'll have to find a woman to get a baby. But I still don't really know how they get in there. But if I get a woman and I see ya someday, I'll tell ya how she got it in there."

I LITERALLY said nothing. I mean, seriously, what do you say to that?!?!


Ruth said...

too funny -- think your response was quite intelligent: say nothing!

Deanna said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! Absolutely, HILARIOUS!!!!

katie holt said...

that is so priceless i cannot even believe it!