Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bugs, Mulch, and Kids in the World

To make up for the last couple of days with no posts, I will give you three stories.

Actually, they all happened today and they were all from the same kid.

Let me give you some background on this particular kid. If you teach, you all have a kid like him in your class: very bright, but not quite all there with the common sense.

To me, this combination is just the best. I love it. Mostly because kids like this are just too funny and have no idea.

So we'll call this little guy 'J'.

Story 1: J's Philosophy on bare feet

We're outside at recess and I have my shoes off as I watch the kids so my feet are in the mulch. This kid's comment:

"I won't take my shoes off in mulch because it's just too pointy on my feet."

Okay, well said.

Story 2: J's theory on dead insects

"Did you know there are lots of bugs in heaven? Because we're all squishing them all the time."

Didn't know that.

Story 3: J's world

At the end of the day my kids are in a rather lengthy debate about how many boys and how many girls are in our class.

Now please bear in mind, this sweet child that we're calling J is one who's not always right where the rest of us are, both physically and mentally, although he is very bright. He's not been paying attention to the other kids and their petty arguing because frankly, he just doesn't care.

I finally halt the debate of the number of kids in our class and say,

"We actually have 10 girls and 11 boys in our class. Please stop."

J immediately yells,


Holy cow, thank goodness it's the end of the day.


Sarah Amick said...

Boy, Oh, boy am I glad to see you back to blogging. Missed you and love to hear all the great things your kids say. Are you teaching all day this year or are you still job sharing? How did that all go?
Glad to see you back?

Courtney said...

story 3...absolutely loved it...can't stop laughing!!!

Jen Barney said...

awwwww.... what a guy!