Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No Sweat

Ah, it feels so great to be back in the blogging world.

Tonight was open house/back-to-school night at our school. It's always a great time; you get the little sweet first graders with all their brand-spanking-new crayons, tissues, paints...good times.

You all know by now that I digress.

There were a couple of highlights to my night. Several of my previous students came in and hugged me (one even said she wanted me to blog again soon...thanks, Alexis!); I got to meet some cutie kids in my class; I also finally got to speak to their parents, which is always great.

Now you know this is going somewhere.

My favorite highlight of the night came from one of my new students. I was talking to his mom and he had wandered over to the hundred chart and was pointing to each number as he counted (Woo hoo! That's always a good sign!). It was a fairly tedious activity and took him a little while. When he finished, he informed us of the following:

"I just counted to 100 by myself. No sweat!"

So I could probably make a list of 10 things I can already tell about this kid (good stuff, of course!)...just from this event.

More to come! I've got some really cool kids this year.

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Courtney said...

We also had a "popsicle night" at Faith's school last night..it was fabulous. We got to meet her teacher and we also got to see my hubby's kindergarten teacher. She is teaching kindergarten in Faith's school. There are only 2 K teachers and she got the other teacher...they are both great ladies though! We are VERY excited to start school...first day is tommorrow!!